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Maggie's debut novel

'The Fur and Feathers Party'

A modern-day fable for grown ups.

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Maggie Lawrence grew up in Melbourne and moved to live in a leafy suburb on Sydney's lower north shore in 2001.  She loves animals and at one time owned a horse, a dog and a cat. She is also passionate about environmental issues, and has run her own media campaigns about issues that have concerned her. 

Maggie trained in film and television production at the BBC, and enjoyed a 12-year career as an advertising copywriter.  She has had two short films made, and won awards for two of her feature-length screenplays, and for pilot scripts for situation and TV sketch comedy.


The Fur and Feathers Party is Maggie's debut novel and was developed from her award-winning screenplay 'Pup'.  View under BOOKS.

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