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Quirky and funny book. A very good read.

                            *****                     BOOKTOPIA

By Animal lover

From Sydney

A very unique story that highlights the need to take care of the environment in a funny and original way. I especially liked that this story represented animals finding a way to express their concerns about the way mankind had been treating the planet, and wanting to bring change, as they are equally affected by what we as humans are doing to the earth.


                                                                   What a great read

                                                ☆☆☆☆☆ 5 out of 5 stars.              BARNES & NOBLE

By Loving Life

I bought this book directly from the author but I enjoyed it so much that when I discovered it was listed here on your site, I wanted to let your customers know what I thought of it. This is a book I could not put down until I finished it. It was highly original, funny and also sad in places, but I loved that it had a happy ending. I especially enjoyed the way the animals had a voice and had found a way to bring awareness to the way mankind had been messing up the planet.

Humour and suspense in Lawrence's animal world

☆☆☆☆☆ 5 out of 5 stars.  

By Dubyadawg

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Great quirky fun, and plenty of suspense along with humour!

                           *****                     BOOKTOPIA

By William

From Sydney

A wonderful read for children and adults. You'll never look at your pets the same way again.

                         A real page turner      TARGET BOOKS


                                                                                                      From:  Loving Life


This is a book that would appeal to many age groups not just adults. I enjoyed it because the animal characters had found a way to bring awareness to mankind’s ruining their natural home. It was very original, funny but also heartwarming. It was also sad in places but I loved that it had a happy ending.


‘A SMASH DEBUT IN FICTION’  read the full review on GOODREADS


From William Laing 


Maggie Lawrence, award-winning scriptwriter, has made a smash debut in fiction. This first published novel (there are supposed to be more manuscripts ready to go) seems to have just about everything.

               'IT WAS AMAZING'      GOODREADS


From Cynthia Bartolo 


Occasionally I come across a book that grabs me right away and that I cannot put down until I have finished it. The Fur and Feathers Party is one of those novels. The story is highly original and full of funny moments. I found I was laughing out load in places, and shedding a tear at other times. I love the happy ending and this novel did not disappoint me. I enjoyed the way animals were taking charge of saving the environment. It was a quirky, funny and memorable read.

Children's book

Fun. Imaginative. Educational.

An Element of Fun - 5 to 8 year olds
A fun, imaginative and entertaining story for children about self-esteem, courage and living harmoniously. Written in a humorous rhyme with beautiful illustrations by Meegan Parkee, An Element of Fun tells the story of how the elements of fire, water, earth, air and thunder and lightning learn a life-changing lesson about themselves.
The elements have been bragging about being the most important one, and the Sun is tired of listening to them.  So he gives them a test to see which one of them is the best. Each element thinks the test is so easy they are certain to win. But the Sun knows in his great wisdom that the elements are going to learn an important lesson about ego and bullying.


I very much enjoyed reading this book although I bought three paperbacks for the grandchildren of two of my friends. I loved the funny use of rhyme. What I liked the most is the way the verse educates young children about bullying and self-esteem, in a fun and entertaining way. It would be a wonderful book for teachers.


by Cynthia

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