The Fur and Feathers Party debut novel described as 'A Smash debut in fiction' - review on Goodreads.

Watch 'The Fur and Feathers Party' trailer video here.


This film was created at home using Power Point to highlight the importance of protecting the beautiful whales and dolphins that grace our oceans. We are so fortunate to have them on our planet.

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"Maggie is someone whose passion for what she believes in shines through her work. When I discovered her 'Cry from the Ocean' production and asked her whether we could post it on our website, she did not hesitate a second and sent me a copy within days. Her generosity certainly matches her love for the wonders of the natural world. And did I say that she is excellent at what she does? Well, now you know so don't waste your time, and connect with her and begin the creative process."

Dr. Stefan Harzen.

Director at Palm Beach and Jupiter Dolphin Tours