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A fabulous review of my debut novel on Goodreads

Jul 12, 2021William Laing rated it ***** it was amazing!! Maggie Lawrence, award winning script writer, has made a smash debut in fiction. This first published novel (there are supposed to be more manuscripts ready to go) seems to have just about everything. The heroine, a terrier named Pup, goes through a huge range of experiences, in the city and the country, in Australia and North America. The tale (and thank God, puns are resisted throughout) of her talking to other animals, reasoning and by and by taking the world of politics by storm, is readable and for story purposes believable, because the central idea of her meeting each crisis with only a dog's information but with human intelligence is maintained with great skill. The fact that on the emotional level, where pets and humans are in reality most alike, playing the same game, gives the both the realistic and fantastical elements of the story a strange power. The comedy, both satire and unashamed slapstick, comes off well and the insight into the emotions of loss, abandonment, rediscovery and fulfillment is enriching. At times I was moved by a parting or a surprise reunion. It's a huge and welcome bonus that the mystery and suspense, and above all the final wrap up, are as effective as any I know.

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