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  • Maggie Lawrence

The little book that got me started

One day I noticed a tiny book being offered for free on a seat at the entrance to my building. It really caught my eye. I never considered myself to be a writer of novels. I was a screenwriter. But I had been wanting to turn a screenplay that had won some awards in Hollywood, into a novel and the blurb on the front of this little book was tempting: 'Page after page of sound practical advice any novelist or would-be novelist who doesn't buy a copy of this book immediately is either arrogant or already living in a tax-haven' - Writers' News

I grabbed the book and raced home to read it. I have to say if it wasn't for this little book I would never have self-published my first novel 'The Fur and Feathers Party'. This book was a very quick read but was packed with helpful advice for the new novelist.

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