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  • Maggie Lawrence

Publish in haste - repent at leisure

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

As authors (especially new writers) when we finally complete our novel, or non-fiction book we can make the mistake of assuming it needs no more work and we are keen to rush into getting it self-published. But if we want to avoid future frustrations and even heartache, we really need to make sure we do have a book people will want to read. There's no reason these days why a self-published book can't look as good as a book published by a traditional publisher. But not if we don't pay attention to preparing well first.

It's not just about grammar, spelling, capitalization and formatting either. It's also about plot, character development and narrative voice. We don't want to end up with a book that tells, not only a reader, but maybe also a potential literary agent, or traditional publisher, that we are clearly amateurs when it comes to creative writing.

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NOTE: The music track on my self-publishing tutorial above, is called 'One Last Look'. It was purchased on June 3, 2007 from Royalty Free Music. It was used for the end credits on my short film 'Point Blank' and the licensing agreement covers me for other projects.

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