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'The Fur and Feathers Party' - now available on Amazon

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

I am so excited to have my debut novel available now in both e-book and paperback.

I've called in a modern-day fable for grown ups. It's a heart-warming and funny story of love, loss, heroism and hope starring an abandoned silky-haired terrier dog (PUP) who makes friends with a feisty yellow-crested cockatoo (CRACKER). They join forces to take mankind's environmental damage into their own paws and claws.

Pup has to overcome her low sense of self as she and her irreverent friend face dirty politics and betrayal in their quest to get the Fur and Feathers Party of Australia into government in the U.S., to stop mankind from destroying their natural home.

If you would like a copy it's available now on Amazon, either via my website: or by direct link to Amazon here:

Here's a picture of the cover created by 'The Illustrators'. I would highly recommend them. They were wonderful to work with, very good at what they do and went 'beyond the call of duty' to assist me with my book cover.

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